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Relaxation techniques facing the sea

In our boutique hotel we want you to benefit from the relaxation and the calm beyond our premises. Therefore, we have built a broad offer of activities such as stress-free programs focusing on healthy and well-being techniques for those aiming to improve their habits or working on their emotions. You will learn about relaxation and mindfulness techniques to be used on a daily basis.

Improve your eating habits, strengthen your body, learn to relax, get to understand your emotions, connect with the environment and get to know yourself better with our packages.
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This is how we let go

As human beings we are given everything we need to be happy. Nevertheless we get caught by circumstances in life and end up trapped in daily routines. We thus forget what is genuinely good for our mind and body. Through our relaxation techniques and programs, you will learn about positive thinking and mindfulness techniques. We will give you some tips and tools to be used on a daily basis for you to get all your energy and vitality back. Learn to be positive, your life will get brighter!

Supervised by a team of professionals trained as psychotherapists and nutritionists, you will succeed!

You will learn to eat healthy in line with your pace of life, for you to get the energy you need as well as to connect with nature. You will also increase your immune system towards diseases and understand most emotional responses. You will improve your concentration and your positive thinking and fight against anxiety, depression and stress to reach a personal balance… first step towards inner peace.

Download our well-being programs, discover what mindfulness is about and improve your life!


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