Relax facing the sea

In our boutique hotel we want you to benefit from the relaxation and the calm beyond our premises. Therefore, we have created a list of massages for those aiming to improve their fisical and emotional wellness.

Massage list

The price for a 50 minute massage is 60€.

Bamboo sticks: Harmonising oriental massage to improve our body energetic balance. Different sizes of bamboo sticks are used on the body, rubbing and rolling it softly against the skin.  Relieves the stress, improves the lymphatic and blood circulation, moreover helps with cell regeneration.

Lomi-Lomi/ Hawaiian massage: an ancient Polynesian massage with multiple benefits: reduces stress, soothes muscular tension, estimulates the blood circulation and eliminates toxins, increasing both mental and physical balance. It´s a rythmic massage with accurate movements made with the hands, knuckles and forearms.

Relaxing: consisting in carrying out superficial maneuvers with a gentle intensity and pressure, a slow and repetitive rhythm, so that, upon receiving repeated and constant contact, the sensation of pain is lost and the muscles relax.

Decontracting: as the word itself indicates, it is used to relax the muscles and dissolve contractures that are caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or an excessively sedentary life.

Hot candles: such and original massage! This massage is made with a candle shape solidified oil. While the candle gets warmer, the oil spreads all over the body with the hands and forearms. Producing a stymulus for the senses, moreover it moistures and nourishes the skin. Balances the nervous system and relieves the stress.

Hot stones: Ancient oriental technique based on the energetic balance. This therapy combines the massage and the application on the skin of a set of stones with different temperatures, reducing chronical pain and eliminating toxins, improving the nervous system.

Lymphatic drainage: it is a type of massage, soft and light, that is applied to the circulatory system and whose objective is to mobilize the liquids of the organism to favor the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies the space between the cells.


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